Updates on Tarantula Pairings

Updates on Tarantula Pairings

In this video I give updates on successful tarantula pairings I have had with my Psalmopoeus cambridgei and Poeciolotheria regalis. Plus a time lapse of my P. cambridgei creating her egg sac.
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23 thoughts on “Updates on Tarantula Pairings

  1. Awesome video. I bought one of those but mine is a Poecilotheria metallica. I have a P. Regalis Male who is not mature yet but when he does I'm going to lend him on a 50/50. Take care and I'll see you in your next episode.

  2. Love your intro. Your presentation is always beautiful.
    Sorry about the cold. My poor sister and family suffered this cold going on their second week. It's a bad one. Hope you feel better soon.
    Very cool to hear about your pairing.

  3. Congratulations on both egg sacs. Hope all turns out well. Excited to see further videos on the babies 🙂 Great video! Btw love your shirt.

  4. Wow Alex, you're really getting into this breeding hobby!!! And doing well I might add. Best wishes for lots of babies from all three!!! Stay safe on your trip!!! Tyfs God bless you

  5. Congrats!! I hope you get lots of healthy slings from both!
    Incredible footage and the first ever time I’m seen a T build an egg sack so I’m amazed! 😍

  6. great job on the pairings. i have p cambridgei they're really cool. i shark tanked n. incei last week but i'm not sure if my female was big enough. he was in her tank the next day though. nice video

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