Vietnam – Exploring Da’nang, Hoi An & Bà Nà Hills

Vietnam – Exploring Da’nang, Hoi An & Bà Nà Hills

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Spending a few days in Da Nang, which is an hour away from Ho Chi Minh City in the South by plane. It’s the fourth largest city in Vietnam, and is famous for its beaches, the historical Old Town of Hoi An, and the Golden Bridge at Sun World’s Resort in Bà Nà Hills. Sharing with you guys a little of the resort, what we ate and the sights and sounds of Vietnam. Special thanks to Dunlop Philippines for inviting us Vietnam!


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4 thoughts on “Vietnam – Exploring Da’nang, Hoi An & Bà Nà Hills

  1. It is beautiful. Wow. I really wish I could visit there one day. Do they speak english there in restaurants or hotel? Or is it hard to communicate?

  2. Please visit Hoi An too! It's just very near Da Nang, very "Vigan meets Shanghai Old City" & Coco Box Coffee Shop is the best. Enjoy your visit at Ba na Hills, I did!

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