What Is Your Opinion On Colonoscopies, Mammograms, PSA Tests, Flu Shots, HPV Vaccine, Stents,

What Is Your Opinion On Colonoscopies, Mammograms, PSA Tests, Flu Shots, HPV Vaccine, Stents,

Here are the latest scientific findings on proven benefits to your health from a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet

Panel Participants: M.D, Pamela A. Popper, Kim A. Williams, MD, MACC, FAHA, MASNC, FESC, Ph.D., N.D., T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr.

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27 thoughts on “What Is Your Opinion On Colonoscopies, Mammograms, PSA Tests, Flu Shots, HPV Vaccine, Stents,

  1. Bayes' Theorem and Breast Cancer Screening with mammography.

    Please update and re-upload this excellent informative video using current scientific data.

    Sensitivity and Specificity of screening digital mammography in a recent extensive Norwegian clinical trial were 54.1% and 94.2% respectively.



    0.01×0.541 + 0.99×0.942



    0.00541 + 0.93258








    If a woman receives a positive mammography result for breast cancer the probability she actually suffers from the disease is only 0.57%



  2. Canada does not recommend colonoscopies however they do say this "The task force makes a strong recommendation for screening adults aged 60 to 74 with FOBT or FIT every 2 years or flexible sigmoidoscopy every 10 years, and they make a weak recommendation for using a similar approach in adults aged 50 to 59." So don't let your doctor talk you into a colonoscopy , stress to them you want the FOBT. My doctor kept recommending the colonoscopy and I kept saying I wasn't going to do it, so he finally handed me a FOBT, thanks doc!!

  3. It is one hundred percent up to YOU to be and stay healthy! No doctor that you see for fifteen minutes twice a year can do anything to make or keep you healthy.

  4. My sixty year old friend said that is doctor told him that he needed to have a colonoscopy. He asked the doctor why and she said because he never had one. I said, I guess there was a contest at Kaiser Hospital to which doctor could get the most patients to get colonoscopes!

  5. My husband's dad didn't have PSA testing until age 70 which found cancer too late. He died ~ age 73 from metastatic prostate cancer. At 53 my husband's PSA crept up & biopsy confirmed prostate cancer & he was successfully treated. Early PSA screening detected cancer early & treatment saved my husband's life. He's eating a whole food plant based diet now. Better late than never.

  6. This is all very interesting. The problem I have is that being prescribed BP meds, every time I need a refill I MUST go to the Docs office first. They hold me hostage basically. I HATE this! The reality is that there is NOTHING I can do about it. In my case its hereditary and it is NOT weight induced but "high" is "high" and I need to control it.

    Although I would never prescribe not going to a doctor on a yearly basis, I really resent being pushed to get a Colonoscopy with every visit and feeling bad about refusing to do it. I know there are less invasive ways to have that test but apparently nobody performs them in my city (Memphis) and they all want to do the traditional invasive test.

    We are trapped in the system.


  7. A breast biopsy can be $8, 500.00 out of pocket expense. There is a charge for everything but you don't know how much any of it will cost. The cost is a big secret. It is good news if the biopsy shoes no cancer; however, this leads to more, and more followups. The stress of debt and unknown is paralyzing. Screen for everything and then go broke. Work full time each year and hand all your wages to the medical system just to make sure you are not sick.

  8. Finally someone stepped up to tell the truth! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You should look into my son's case Oh! Wait! they didn't make a case they just keep abusing us and keep giving us lack of care, and we're disabled?🙄🙏🤲 Pray that it gets better, because you can't take the money with you?
    "If you know what I mean!"
    America, became America's because we helped one another not hurt one another, Right?,🙏🤲🙄

  9. Are you a sinner?  Fed up with yourself? Convicted by a voice that says something is seriously wrong with you.  Doubtful of always thinking your OK?  Or better off then the next guy.  Don't take a pill or listen to someone telling you a new attitude will help.  You need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Praise God because you are under conviction and on your way to the reality of a real life, in Jesus Christ.
    The gift of faith is yours.  You are ready.
    Receive the Holy Spirit after you have your talk with God thru his Son.  Tell the Lord about yourself and your sins.  Confess you need him to save you and that he is Lord and Savior.  Believe that he hears you and through his blood sacrifice on the cross your sins are forgiven, call it done.
    Seek out a bible and start to read.  The Holy Spirit will teach you.  Fellowship with others who believe.  Get to know Jesus and his love for you.  Love him.  He loved you before you were born!
    Did you know your name was written in God's book of life forever.

  10. All this stuff about tests and doctors. I remind you all that the THIRD LARGEST KILLER in America is Doctors.

  11. I so agree with all of the information here. I dig my heals in when I go to a doc y get harassed for a flu shot mammogram checking y Collin and on it goes it raises my blood pressure the they won't y on meds for that crazy crazy


  12. The big problem I see especially in America as it is Insurance, the Doctors and hospitals make their money from you being sick, operated on and tested this is why they insist on all this testing. Sadly the other extreme in say England or Spain and other European countries as Health is provided by the state many times people are not getting tests and operations done that should be. But boy they will push those medications and vaccinations as there is clearly money in it for them, in reality many times as patients we are nothing more to the medical profession than human guinea pigs for them to experiment on. I rarely go to the Doctor but any time I have they are nothing but a complete waste of time.

  13. What alternatives are there for colonoscopies? I had one for the first time approx 2 years ago at age 61 and they found 3 or 4 precancerous polyps and now they want to see me next year for another which will be 3 years by then. Any advice for alternatives and also for prevention of new polyps forming?

  14. Once they got to the babbling old boomers there was nothing of value said. The babbling boomer spent minutes basically just virtue signalling about his non american friend.

  15. I have news for all of you…Doctors, non doctors…This system of death will become obsolete in the future…For the technologies that are already out there will be disclosed to the public…There are cures already for ALL diseases…Yet they are holding tight to this knowledge because it would be the end of profits and total collapse for the pharma industry…

  16. Fulla shit. PSA is a derivative of the CBC for males. Nothing more.It't like CRP ( C reactive protein) Useless if you have a bad knee or gout.It'll be through the roof

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