Where to download Garena "GAS" mobile application FREE IP! *Tutorial*

Where to download Garena "GAS" mobile application FREE IP! *Tutorial*

presenting the most useful application for all of us gamers!

download the Garena “GAS” mobile app right here:

and click the “.apk android” or “Apple Store” depending on your OS 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Where to download Garena "GAS" mobile application FREE IP! *Tutorial*

  1. Can u help me guys? My problem is stuck in LoL Assist – Loading problem.. and a 20min later it says "Network Error" ..please help me..

  2. Dude bakit ganon nakakakuha naman ako ng IP boost baket walang lumilitaw sa acc ko? Tapos sabi pag nanalo visit store to claim prize

  3. For people that will download this it is 100% legit but… it only works on the countries handled by garena whos also handling League in South east asia. This app would not work on league accounts from Na, Eu, Brazil etc. Well im kinda happy we have this app in asia cause riot didnt give us our own server in our country which ee can check other players stats

  4. i have an lol account but when i spinned it it sayed "u dont have an account to this game" if u could help me it would be grateful

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